Information on Medicine

Korean medical services are provided on the basis of treatment
data and trusts accumulated over the last 15 years.

I have a question, doctor!

Doesn’t it induce constipation?
Could it cause insomnia?
Does it damage the liver?
I heard that use of ephedra in food is prohibited in the USA. Is it allowed to be used in herbal medicine?
How does weight loss occur with Nubebe?
Will users likely experience the yoyo phenomenon?

How in works

We established and are implementing systems ranging from research
by medical teams to training of staffs for safer treatment.

Cure a patient's heart

Nubebe is always striving to provide better services including research and development of
herbal dieting medicine that can be consumed conveniently, continuous research
into effectiveness and safety, and making considerations from the viewpoints of patients
including aims to keep medical costs low through innovation. With its obesity treatment,
Nubebe is striving to heal the hearts of patients rather than just achieving weight loss for the treatment of obesity.

Representative: Kim, Seo Yeong
Personnel responsible for information management: Lee, Ji Yeon
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